Hi there, fellow reader! I’m Ricardo Pramana Suranta, and you can call me Edo.

I was born as a Sembiring Pelawi, a karonese clan in Indonesia. Born at Surabaya, I was raised in the middle of a plural community that tries to live Indonesia’s motto: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. I see diversity as a strength instead of weakness, as long it’s sewn in unity and peace. Because of this, I have my personal values while respecting others who don’t agree with me.

I got my bachelor’s degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung (class of 2009), majored in Informatics / Computer Science. During my undergrad days, I found interest in how apps can help our daily life. There’s plenty of examples available: Online office suites for taking meeting notes, URL-shorteners for sharing lecture links, or cloud-based storage for accessing your documents anywhere. I aspire to create software that can assist people’s lives.

I’m learning to live my life to the fullest for the Lord. At the time being, I’m undertaking Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Science in Software Engineering program in the Silicon Valley campus! I’m trying to stretch out my comfort zone by learning state of the art technologies and proper software engineering practices, so I could become a better engineer!

About this blog

I mainly use my brain as a “processor” instead of a “storage.” This leads to a personal habit of mine, which is writing a huge amount of personal notes. I usually write my learned lessons in Evernote, keeping it for myself. During my days in university, I found myself helped a lot from others’ notes or experiences in the form of a blog post, usually from my seniors 😉. I also love to read Jeff Atwood’s blog on my class breaks, heck, even one of my coursework was inspired by one of his blog posts. Moving on to the professional scene, I saw a lot of software engineering community leaders do the same practice, e.g., Mattt Thompson and Natasha Murashev. Their blogs have inspired me to do the same.

Since this blog contains my learned lessons, most of it might refer to my current workplace, Ice House. Rest assured, though – every post in this site is written with my own views. I don’t write paid blog posts. Still, I try to be objective on every opinion-based post that I write.

I try my best to write technical-based posts in this blog, but I realized that technical writing is hard. Having Bahasa Indonesia as my mother tongue makes writing the posts harder, but it’s a good practice! 😁 Should you find any errors in my post, be it grammatical or technical,  I’ll be more than glad to hear it from you! I will be more thrilled, though, if you found out my posts to be helpful. 😁

I hope you found this blog interesting! 🙂

P. S.: You can find me GitHubLinkedIn, and Twitter

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  1. Edoooo, thanks for following my blog,
    keep doing great stuff you’re destined to do 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. edopelawi says:

      Thanks for looking around, koy! Amen for that! 😀


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